Vani Institute Online Test Series


Online Test FAQ’s

1. Does the online test contain any predefined schedule?
Ans. There is no schedule for the online tests. Once enabled which will be sometime in October, you can access it anytime.

2. Will there be any fixed time schedule within which I will have to take the exam?
Ans. There is no fixed time schedule.

3. When will the online test series begin?
Ans. Go through our website “ “you will find online tests live.

4. Is the Online Test series same as Test series?
Ans. No, the online tests will be different from our Test series

5. What do we need to access these tests?
Ans. An active internet connection and a browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox is all you need to access these tests.

6. Time limit ?
Ans. Time limit is displayed when you start the test. Usually a full test will be 3 hours and a section test will be one hours.

7. When can I take the Test Series ?
Ans. Anytime. Once the tests are available, you can attempt them 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

8. Will I get the solutions to the problems asked in the online test?
Ans. The questions will come with Answer keys and/or solutions.

9. What is the validity Period of GATE Score?
Ans. The validity of GATE score has been revised and it is valid for THREE YEARS from the date of announcement of results.

10. For how many streams Vani Institute is providing Online Test Series?
Ans. Vani Institute has developed full-fledged Online Test Series for following streams: a. Civil Engineering b. Computer Science Engineering c. Electrical Engineering d. Electronics and Communication Engineering e. Mechanical Engineering f. Chemical Engineering g. Instrumentation Engineering